What Is Galaxy 11?

What Is Galaxy 11?

What Is Galaxy 11?


The relationship between science and fiction has been an interesting one. For example, the interaction between human beings with the aliens has attracted a great deal of attention over the years. Samsung has exploited the attention that this interaction carries when it unveiled the Galaxy 11. After a long and bruising battle between the elite footballers and the scaring aliens (Hurakan), the prize for the winner of the battle is the earth. It was revealed in the year 2014, in chapters. It takes place in a virtual pitch and is improvised.

Samsung Marketing Campaign

Samsung, the Korean technology giant, regularly runs marketing campaigns that are associated with certain trending topics. These includes advertising campaigns which are peculiar and unusual, and require a lot of imagination. Consequently, such campaigns command extensive following more so on the social media, and are memorable.
It understands too well that soccer is one of the most enjoyable, entertaining, and popular activities in the world. It sought to look for a connection between football and its tech products, a combination of football with smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. And therein the idea of Galaxy was conceived.

What Is Galaxy 11?Samsung has launched a roster that features thirteen professional and high achieving soccer players. The players will take part in fantasy campaign that takes the shape of global marketing. It is a fierce and hard-fought competition between the aliens and the outstanding players. The face off is unimaginable at least by the standards of planet earth. Man has a single opportunity of survival and must be careful not to be phased out from the planet.

The Players

Franz Beckenbauer, the manager, assembles his elite players with Lionel Messi taking the crown of the captain. He proceeds to give a group of men (dressed in black suits) to go out and seek the best football talent. All the players come from different nationalities and they represent the best talent that football can offer.

Preparation, Training, and the Campaign

What Is Galaxy 11?The German manager says that the players embark on a training practice that will help them overcome the aliens and consequently save man. Players showcase their unique ability and talent. Now that the campaign is multi-layered, one is able to see the players at different stages of their training and preparation.

The mission of the video is to popularize football as a tool and an activity that has the ability to save the world. It also aims at promoting the products that Samsung deals with. The players are set to showcase their extra-ordinary ability as they have done before, but this time round, its not in the field, thus making it all the more interesting.

Bottom Line

This story can be followed through the Galaxy devices as well as various channels. In addition to that, the committed soccer fans can support this initiative through Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and Microsite. For example, if you use Microsite, you can join the participants. All you need to do is to state your name as well as your geographical location. Overall, Galaxy 11 is a challenge to a showdown between aliens and the best talent in football.