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How To Set Up a Smart Garage?

How To Set Up a Smart Garage

The advent of robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence has changed the world to a great extent. Application of modern technology to the appliances and tools used by the average household has made a significant shift in the lifestyle of middle-class people. The technological advancement has changed everything in our lives right from automobiles to mobiles. Whether it is a job involving a lot of efforts or a matter of safety and security, modern technology can take care of everything.

Smart homes are in the limelight these days where every aspect of your home are taken care of by the operation of the smart appliances and tools. The network of intelligent devices and tools can be controlled, accessed and monitored using a smartphone which has internet access. The smart homes enhance the safety to your belongings and loved ones.

Today most people are turning their garages into smart garages for mainly two reasons; enhanced safety and ease of operation. It may be noted that the most common worry of every homeowner is whether they locked the garage door or not. So, if you ask yourself the same question as above, then it is time to turn your garage into a smart garage. Now let us see how you can convert your ordinary garage into a smart garage and what smart options you have to bring it into your garage.

Smart Garage Doors

How To Set Up a Smart GarageFirst thing you need to focus when it comes to the smart garage is the door of the garage. The market is flooded with a variety of options for a smart garage door for you to choose the one that best suits your requirements. A smart garage door helps you to open and close the door remotely without getting out of the car. The smart garage door is great to keep your vehicle secured but also will give you peace of mind. The closing and opening of the door can be not only checked using your smartphone but can also be controlled and operated.

Some smart garage door openers can be operated by voice commands of Google Home and Alexa. However, for security reasons, most smart garage doors would not let you open using voice commands. There are two options for you when it comes to smart garage openers; attaching a smart appliance onto the existing garage door or installing a new smart garage door.

However, adding a gadget to your existing garage door turns out to be cheaper when compared to installing a new smart door. But if you have a high budget and have more than budget reasons to change the door to a smart one, then installing a new one is ideal.

There are plenty of smart devices available on the market which turn your garage doors into smart garage doors but which one choose from will be determined by the company that installed your current garage door.

Garage Heaters

How To Set Up a Smart GarageA smart garage heater is one more accessory that turns your garage into a smart garage. Efficient and robust heating appliances enable you to control using an in your smartphone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The smart garage heaters are designed for on-demand heating which means they can be turned on only when there is a need. However, they come with the same features as the high-end electric heaters. Which enables you to enjoy superior performance, smart control and exclusive programming features.

Top rated electric garage heaters are versatile and can be used in places that need quick heating. These heaters can be easily accessed from compatible devices. Wi-Fi enables heaters can be operated remotely from any part of the world using an internet-enabled tool with the required application. The smart heaters can be turned on before you get to the garage to make the place nice and warm when you enter.

Smart Power-tools

How To Set Up a Smart GarageToday every house owner has busy schedules and hectic lifestyles. Not many want to use traditional tools in their garages to carry out minor repairs. Smart power tools in your garage can take care of work more efficiently with minimal efforts. These tools are either operated by power or a battery which means more power to the tool than physical labour. The smart devices often come with integrated accessories, making them all-in-one tools. Having a single powered tool with multiple accessories can help you in carrying out various jobs which saves both time and money.

Speeding up the task and ease of use are the reasons why smart tools are becoming part of every smart garage today.

Smart Generators

How To Set Up a Smart GarageSmart generators are independent, eco-friendly, easy to use and hassle-free generators that supply energy to power or charge small equipment in your garage. A top portable generator with smart technology generally last for a lifetime and often need no replacements. The power generator meets the demands of all the smart electronic, control and monitoring devices and tools in your garage by supplying power whenever there are power outages.

The smart generators are used to electric power devices, remote controls, sensors, monitoring devices, control functions and wireless communications. Whether you want to charge a capacitor or charge a rechargeable battery smart generator can do the job efficiently.

Smart Air Compressors

How To Set Up a Smart GarageSmart air compressors are efficient and straightforward devices for the supply of high-quality compressed air. The compressor is easy to install and use and features a small footprint making it ideal for limited space garages. The device operates silently, which means noise-free operation. The Air compressor is powered efficiently and is installed with a belt drive to protect the motor and to ensure easy maintenance. The device compresses air at a slow speed to reduce wear and tear and to ensure a longer lifetime.

The smart air compressors operate at lower temperatures reducing the maintenance intervals. A high quality air compressor consumes less energy to protect the environment. The high-efficiency wirings preserve the device from dust and water. The noise-free operations make it ideal for installation almost anywhere.

Smart Monitoring System

How To Set Up a Smart GarageIt is evident that no one can break into a smart garage, but a smart monitoring system can be installed to avoid even the slightest possibilities of break-ins. A camera monitoring system with a sensor can be connected to prevent any intruders from entering your garage. A camera with a sensor when installing in your garage sends you notifications on your smartphones when someone comes to your garage for you tso act quickly.

The system can be set up to record a video whenever there is a movement in the garage. The sensor is a small unit and can be stuck anywhere in the garage to monitor the movement. However, the installation of the camera needs to be done in a proper place to capture detailed images and videos. If you are not sure of the closing of the smart garage door or feel something is not right with the door, then you can always use the smart camera sensor system monitor in your smart device for checking.

Smart Plugs and Lights

How To Set Up a Smart GarageIf you are interested in turning your garage into an energy-efficient smart garage, then you can do it by installing smart plugs and lights. The smart plugs and lights consume less energy as they turned on when there is a need resulting in low consumption of electricity.

The smart lights turn on automatically when the garage door is opened and turn-off on their own when the door is closed, which means no power wastage. The smart plugs come handy when you use your garage as a workshop, and rechargeable batteries for all your cordless tools and devices are plugged in at the same time. The smart plugs illuminate the charge using power level indicator lights which will help you to know whether the batteries need further charge or charged fully. An ordinary plug may consume more energy as the charging remains active on a continuous mode.

Bio-Metric Gun Safe

How To Set Up a Smart GarageIf you possess firearms for protection and safety of your family and valuable belongings, it is obligatory to store in a highly secured place to prevent it from falling in the wrong hands. A Biometric gun safe installed in your garage secures your firearms using a fingerprint instead of combinations of numbers and keys as passwords. The gun safe can be opened using our fingerprint by programming the device by scanning your finger for quick access.

The above smart devices, equipment and tools are easy to use, saves electricity, saves efforts and above all provides enhanced protection to your valuable belongings and vehicle in the garage. However, all the smart tools cannot be efficiently accommodated in all the garages. Garages with space restrictions can focus more on smart garage doors, smart lights and smart plugs to save on energy bills. But if you have a considerable garage then installing the smart devices and tools can ensure peace mind and added security to your place.