5 Popular Samsung Apps for Golf

Popular Samsung Apps for Golf

Although the common misconception is that golf is a sport typically played by older men, the reality could not have been more different. Unlike other sports, golf is actually a sport which anyone could play regardless of age. Indeed, we now see a growing interest in golf among younger individuals, which, in turn, has changed some of the rituals typically associated with a game of golf.

Despite golf being a sport a person of any age could actually play, it takes skill and a lot of practice to be good at it. For beginners, and even for long-time players, actually, a good caddie can spell the difference between a good game and a bad game. With recent technological developments, however, a golfer can now play a game even without, or with minimal help from, a caddie. To help you improve your game, here are five of the most popular Samsung apps for golf.

GPS and Rangefinders

Popular Samsung Apps for GolfBefore we go to the rundown of popular Samsung apps for golf which can help you get on top of your game, let us first discuss golf GPS and rangefinders. For a lot of regular golfers, having a caddie who knows their game and the course well is indispensable, seeing as it is the best way to achieve precise numbers all the way to the flag. For newer golfers, however, finding a caddie who can adjust to their game right away is enough of a challenge as it is.

But just because you cannot find a caddie, or do not have one, does not mean that you have to put up with a handicap throughout the game. On the contrary, you can somehow level the playing field by making use of a GPS or a rangefinder.

A golf GPS use satellites to determine a player’s exact location. On the basis of that location, the GPS then gives the golfer information pertaining to the golf course – from yardages to distance to hazards. Golf GPS can take a variety of forms, including mobile apps and golf GPS watches.

If you do not want to use a golf GPS, a common alternative would be a laser rangefinder. Unlike GPS, a golf rangefinder does not rely on satellites or maps to function. Instead, you can just point the rangefinder to a target and the device will use laser technology to approximate the distance. Hence, you can use it in any golf course without having to download any applications.

Top 5 Samsung Golf Apps

As more people get into golf, more companies also develop golf apps which are compatible across devices and platforms. For golfers who own a Samsung, here are some golf apps which are definitely worth checking out:

1. Golfshot

Popular Samsung Apps for GolfWhether you are a beginner in golf or a serious golfer, Golfshot is easily among the best golf apps out there. It has both a free and a Pro version and the free version alone packs a lot of features already. This app uses GPS to keep track of each shot, as well as allows to view the distance to the center of the green and to keep track of playing stats. If you are willing to spend a little more, the Pro version shows real-time distances and provides course information on over 40,000 golf courses. Think of GolfshotPro as your very own caddie, giving you information on course hazards, as well as on-the-spot recommendations based on your performance.

2. Hole19

Popular Samsung Apps for GolfThis app is available across mobile platforms, including Android and smart watches. The free version of the app will allow you to view your distance to the back, front, and center of the green. The app also provides a bird’s eye view of the course, allowing you to see hazards and doglegs. You can also use the app as a scorecard for your games. Paying for the Premium version will give you access to stat tracking.

3. 18Birdies

Popular Samsung Apps for GolfIf you are looking for a free golf app that works on Samsung and packs features, then 18Birdies might just be the one for you. This app can be used as a GPS rangefinder, a stat tracker, and even a digital scorecard. In addition, 18Birdies provide users with relevant news about golf, as well as announcements for local golf competitions. If you sign up for the premium membership, you will unlock even more useful features such as advanced course data, live weather information, as well as video lessons to help you improve your technique.

4. The R&A Rules of Golf

Popular Samsung Apps for GolfThis is a free app that is available not only for Samsung and other Android smartphones, but also for iOS. Regardless of your skill and experience in golf, this app can certainly help in getting you more acquainted with playing rules and is especially handy for those who have just started playing or those who find themselves in a lot of contentious rule discussions. On top being a handy rulebook, Rules of Golf also gives an overview of basic golf playing etiquette.

5. Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer

Popular Samsung Apps for GolfThis app is especially helpful for beginners in golf who are just trying to pat down their technique. The Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer is specifically designed to help golfers in recording their strokes, as well as in improving their golf swing techniques. The app provides voiceover coaching to guide you in improving your technique.

Improvements in technology has certainly changed the way sports are played and this holds true for golf, as well. With numerous golf apps available across various platforms, golf is accessible now more than ever. Whereas playing without a caddie is very difficult and practically unthinkable in the past, now, even beginners can go ahead and play a round of golf with the help of GPS rangefinders and mobile golf apps. Some apps and smart gadgets even allow golfers to practice their swings and techniques even in the comfort of their own homes. Truly, the latest in GPS and sensor technology has significantly changed the dynamics of the sport for casual golfers.